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As a leading dynamic advertising agency, we are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Centro Visuals, combining creativity and expertise to bring your brand vision to life.

Whether it's compelling commercials, captivating brand stories, or engaging social media content, our collaborative team is dedicated to delivering high-quality, visually stunning videos that resonate with your audience. Discover the power of impactful storytelling and visual excellence with White Media and Centro Visuals today and let's create something extraordinary that makes new customers your brand advocates for life.

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Objectives definition

create a work plan that insures meeting your business’s industry needs.
Plan the production phase through visualising and sketching the plan.
This includes: scriptwriting, crew formulation, casting.

Creating the content

Finalizing the plan through practical steps, by storyboarding and casting till the pre-production meeting (PPM).


Creating the Visual content according to the Pre-production phase and implementing the Agreed content.


Editing and colouring the content plus Launching and distributing through previously agreed channels, then testing results and do the 360 feedback to insure the effectiveness of the content.

Turning Visions into Visuals: Your Story, Our Lens!

As video becomes more prevalent in digital marketing, having high-quality video content can give you a competitive advantage in your industry, It’s a powerful tool for conveying your message and engaging your audience.

Whether you’re aiming to boost brand awareness, educate customers, or drive conversions, incorporating video into your marketing strategy can be a highly effective way to achieve these objectives.


Plan your Video, visualize it with us even before implementation.
Video Concept Development: Brainstorming and refining ideas to develop a clear creative concept for the project.
Scriptwriting services: Creating scripts for videos, commercials, animations, and other content.
Storyboarding: Visualizing the project through sketches or illustrations to plan shots and scenes.
Location Scouting: Identifying and securing suitable filming or shooting locations.
Casting for Videos: Selecting and hiring actors, models, or talent for the project.

Filming or Recording Services: Capturing visual and audio content according to the project’s requirements.
Photography for Campaigns: Taking photos for campaigns, advertisements, or other visual materials.
Audio Recording and Effect: Creating and recording voiceovers, sound effects, and music.
Set Design and Construction: Building and designing sets to match the project’s aesthetic.
Wardrobe and Makeup: Providing costumes, clothing, and makeup for actors and talent.
Art Direction: Ensuring that the visual elements align with the project’s creative direction.

Video Editing services: Assembling and arranging filmed footage, adding effects, and refining the final product.
Audio Editing and Mixing: Mixing sound elements, adding music, and enhancing audio quality.
Visual Effects (VFX): Incorporating digital effects, animation, and graphics.
Colour Correction: Adjusting and balancing colours to achieve a consistent and desired look.
Motion Graphics Design: Creating animated elements, titles, and graphics to enhance visual appeal.
Sound Design for Videos: Enhancing the auditory experience through careful sound selection and manipulation.

Content Formatting: Preparing the content for various platforms (TV, web, social media) and devices.
File Compression: Optimizing files for efficient streaming and downloading.
Content Distribution: Uploading and sharing the content on appropriate channels or platforms.
Quality Assurance: Testing the final product to ensure it meets technical and creative standards.

Project Scheduling: Coordinating timelines and ensuring that the project progresses smoothly.
Budget Management: Managing financial resources to stay within budget constraints.
Effective Communication: Facilitating collaboration among team members, clients, and stakeholders.
Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating potential challenges that could impact the project’s success.

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